The Garden
You will create your Zen garden. Your cardiac coherence management will directly impact, in real time, the growth of the trees, flowers and all the plants in the garden:

- If your cardiac coherence is low, not very many plants will grow and your garden will remain bare and sad-looking;

- When your cardiac coherence is high, you will make a multitude of diverse plant grow and your garden will be beautiful, full of blossomed flowers and plants and great-looking.
Your objective is to grow a maximum of plants out of the 80 that are available in order to create the most beautiful Zen garden possible.
The Beach
You will bring back a beautiful sun on this paradisiac beach. Your cardiac coherence management will directly impact the meteorological conditions:

- If your cardiac coherence level is low, the beach will remain under a tropical storm with wind, rain and a cloudy gray sky;

- The higher your cardiac coherence, the more you will be able to calm the wind and get rid of the clouds to bring back the sun and a nice weather on the beach.
Your objectives are to bring back the beautiful weather and maintain it in order for the beach to be an idyllic spot of peace and quiet.
The Safari
You are observing the animals of the wild African savanna drinking at a water spot. Your cardiac coherence management will directly act on the animals’ reactions:

- If your cardiac coherence level is low, the animals will not come to the water spot to drink, or they will go away very quickly;

- The higher your cardiac coherence level will be, the more the animals will be trustful and come to the water spot to drink, and you will then be able to observe several of them.
Thus, your objective is to attract as many animals as possible to the water spot to reach the ultimate step where you could see a giraffe.
You are a participant in a rowing race against another boat controlled by your smartphone, which simulating random values in order to challenge you constantly. Managing your cardiac coherence has a direct impact on the boat’s speed:

- If you coherence level is low, you will be rowing in a disorganized manner and your boat will move slowly;

- The higher your coherence level, the more fluid and powerful the rowing will be and your boat will speed up on the water.
Your main objective is to always be ahead of the other boat.

SYMBIOFI brings to the market innovative solutions for managing stress and anxiety through cardiac coherence and relaxation. SYMBIOFI mobilizes advanced technologies which provide novel solutions for psychoeducation of stress and self-help therapy approaches.


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